Kairuichan NUT Sticker [Original]
Kairuichan NUT Sticker [Original]
Kairuichan NUT Sticker [Original]

Kairuichan NUT Sticker [Original]

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Express yourself! Great for notebooks, water bottles, planners, laptops, game consoles, etc.

▪ Printed on glossy vinyl paper
▪ 2 inch or 3 inch wide variant
▪ Waterproof (do not use soap on product)

✪ Product can be used on cars and water bottles! Please note car washes/dishwasher will wash the ink off, so be sure to cover beforehand or remove. Best on windows if used on car. Some sun fading may occur over time if there is high exposure.

✉ Shipping
Shipped standard first class letter with NO TRACKING unless shipped other trackable items (charms, posters, etc.)

♡ Sent from Kairui directly, with love!

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