Maid Kronii Charm
Maid Kronii Charm
Maid Kronii Charm
Maid Kronii Charm

Maid Kronii Charm

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✪ Vinyl between clear acrylic pieces 
✪ 2.5 inches tall 
✪ Double sided 
✪ Comes with gold star clasp

Next Kronii stock est. early March
Charm will be changing design; this is the final run of this exact print.

✉ Shipping 
▪ Comes with protective paper packaging 
▪ Ships via padded mailer

This is a limited run for fan purposes. They may not be restocked in the future!

❗️ Remember to peel the film off your charms. If charms appear cloudy, there may be protective film on your charm. You can keep it on for protection or choose to peel if off for clarity.

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