"Fall Bundle" Update and Expected Shipping

First off, thank you all for being extremely patient and wonderful throughout this stressful process. I finally have a solid update for everyone who purchased a Rainy Fall Bundle preorder.

The products have officially arrived, albeit, there are unfortunately some things missing, and I can no longer deal with the manufacturer. I am going to leave an explanation about the delays below, but please know that the updated shipping date is now March 16th at the latest.

When the products were first ordered, I had a lot of things going on, and the communications with the manufacturer were slow and took longer than I thought. For that, it is completely my fault, and I apologize for my poor planning. Once the order was placed, I received delay after delay and countless misinformations. I would be told that my order was in production when it was not. I had been told my items were done, when they were not... I kept asking for photos or updates, but I received nothing for weeks. Finally, they told me the items were shipped, but still, I couldn't get a tracking number or reply. A week after they told me the shipped, I did get a tracking number which of course said the label had been created a day prior... Of course, we couldn't go without a delay from UPS as well, BUT the items did eventually arrive. There are missing products, and there is damaged product.

Through all of this, I was stressed beyond belief, and I felt like I let everyone down. Thank you to everyone who was extremely kind and helpful during this. Most likely, I will not be doing this kind of preorder again as I feel like I am not equipped to handle any kind of backfire.

I will be adjusting orders to compensate for the items I am not able to ship since they are missing. I'm very sorry that this has happened with the bundles, and I hope that future products will not be so poorly worked on!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

- Kairui

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